by Wayfare

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released November 24, 2014

Music & Lyrics by Wayfare
Produced by Adam Train & Lewis Pickering
Engineered by Alex Rowlands
Mastered by Joe Caithness @ Subsequent Mastering (www.subsequentmastering.com)
Artwork by Joe La-Placa (cargocollective.com/JoeLa-PlacaIllustration)



all rights reserved


Wayfare Windsor and Maidenhead, UK

6 piece Emo/Alternative band from Windsor, United Kingdom.

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Track Name: Young Lady, In This House We Obey the Laws of Thermodynamics
I watched you paint yourself grey with apathy,
But the world shines bright around you,
I wish you'd just flicker and fade.
I lost my faith in you when you lost your way with words,
When you lost your way with words you lost your way with me.

I lost me faith in you.
I lost what little hope I had.

You kept yourself to yourself and you words tight to your chest,
But people put their trust in you, for reasons I will never know.
I tried hard not to hate but to forgive, that failed the moment I met you.
I've made mistakes I won't repeat.

I've got marks on my skin that won't fade, down to my own sense of shame and lack of control.
You broke my composure and I broke some bones but, instead of nothing,
I just feel regret.
Track Name: Terms of Enrampagement
I watched the fireworks crash across the evening sky,
I never saw the point of sparks from tiny metal.
I can't forget what I've heard,
That strain in your voice, it pulls on my heart-strings.

We're all human, I understand that,
But weren't you meant to be indestructible?
No matter how warm it gets my hands are always cold,
I can't feel it slipping through my fingers.

I know you're not as happy as you say you are,
What went wrong? Can I help?
Or is this all out of your trembling hands?
Is it worth piecing back together?
Or simply leaving dust to gather?
Track Name: I Don't Believe in the Moon
Sitting here I lose track of the world,
Time just fades to the sound of rolling water.
All I need is to be left on my own,
To forget the things that I waste so much time on.

I've spent hours staring at ripples,
raindrops breaking the water.

I can finally breathe deeply again,
this air is so clean - I feel it clearing my mind.
I'm taking steps but all that really means is I'm stumbling blindly, hoping it's leading somewhere.

I've spent hours staring at ripples,
raindrops breaking the water.
I feel things I haven't felt for months but, it's improving too slowly to notice.

I wish things were changing, but it's me.
When I've left for home, I wish I could stay this way,
But I won't stay the same.

Some wounds don't heal as easy as they should.
Time heals all, but my heart and my hand still remain fractured.
Track Name: Sometimes Fires Go Out
I've never been one to cope with change well,
It messes with my head, tires me out.
It's been a hard year, I've done things I can't take back.
I've still got marks on my skin that won't fade.

I broke down and fell out with my world,
But couldn't be a better person and forgive myself.
Every time I have a chance to improve I always end up making the same wish.

Did I put too much trust into hands of fair-weather friends with brittle fingers?
And all the hours I've spent, staring at ripples, have brought me no answers.

I keep myself up at night with all these thoughts,
Sweating through the pillow, grasping for sleep.
The fireworks in the summer air fail to flicker and fade,
but, no matter how warm it gets, my hands are always cold.