None of This is What I'd Planned

by Wayfare

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released August 31, 2013

Music and lyrics written and performed by Wayfare
Recording by Adam Train
Additional vocals on "What I'd Planned" performed by Benio Baumgart of Hindsights
All photography by Ranená Labuť @Midnight Diary



all rights reserved


Wayfare Windsor and Maidenhead, UK

6 piece Emo/Alternative band from Windsor, United Kingdom.

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Track Name: None of This
Do you remember that weekend in April
when we drove through to the coast and the car broke down?
The side of the road
(Long way from home)
Those early Summer nights
I know I'll never forget it

They say you're only as strong as your weakest link
But I'm rusted through, eroded, build me new

I miss those early Summer nights on a windy little beach
I'm withering with time, but my friends keep me going
We push each other on, will you help keep me strong?
I've never drawn breath without feeling so weak

But would I prefer those days of old?
Or just the stories that we've told?
Track Name: Kensington Gore
And I'm honestly completely amazed that we've made it this far without caving in
To the pressure that's been mounting now for months
It's been unbearable these last few days

And I just can't keep up with everything that's become expected of me
And I don't know if I can keep this going any longer
I'm still struggling to find my feet

I want to remind you now of how we talked for hours, but we don't talk for days
I know that part of growing up is growing apart
But I never thought things could change so fast

The only thing that matters is that I'm happy with who I am
And I know I could pay more attention to my best friends
And I guess talking's not my forte and I often find it hard
The fact that the people I'm closest to are the ones furthest apart

And I'm honestly completely amazed that we've made it this far without caving in
To the pressure that's been driving us apart
It's been unbearable these last few weeks
Track Name: Fields & Acres
I've been wandering these run down streets for years
We were stuck in this boring little town
With the same old motions gone through every single day
We were bored and bold and young and unafraid

And all these days drag on
And the Summer felt so long
All these times have flown right past
I guess we knew it wouldn't last

And our time was wasted on old friends
Ones we don't even talk to any more
And ones we didn't even talk to then
But you'll still hear people say "I miss the old days"
I guess they never thought about the truth of the matter
Best friends will always stay

And now all of the friends we use to know, have grown up and had kids of their own
And all these times have flown right past
I guess we knew it wouldn't last
Track Name: Guesswork
Parting is such sweet sorrow but why does it leave such a sour taste in my mouth?
You won't return the same as you were in that Summer in 2008
When worries were few and the Sun only shined

I guess to move on is to grow, but maybe not this time

Sit back, think back
Accept the truth
We were more than just friends, why did you have to change?
What do you feel that you've gained?

There was that night that we laid under the stars in your back garden
Whilst our friends shouted profanities in the corner, drowning thoughts in a bottle of cheap rum

Getting out of that small town where you were known and loved for who you were

I've grown, I'm better without you
I know I'm better without you
I've grown, I'm better without you
I hope I'm better without you
Track Name: Dragging my Feet
Now I'm sure that I've walked these streets before
The patterns I go lay etched in the floor
This town is my home and I hope I'll always know where my heart lies
As I survey the places I called home I push on and my feet crunch in the snow
I'm sure I remember this place, though I've lost track of where I am

Faded pictures, gathering dust
Of the days that were
When we walked these streets and everyone knew our names
I wish we'd go back to that day
Track Name: What I'd Planned (ft. Benio Baumgart)
A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step
But, every time I try, there's something there to hold me back
Because time erodes like a wave cutting notches at the bottom of a cliff, threatening collapse
Struggling to keep my head above water

Maybe I'm not as strong as I thought I was, back at the start
I'm eroding, withering, collapsing, rebuilding

Lacking purpose or direction, these last few months have been breaking me down
As I waste my time on those that didn't want my help
Just fighting against me at every step
And I feel myself crumbling

They say you judge a man by the company he keeps
But I'm just starting to reach the heights of what's expected of me

Maybe if the coin was flipped you'd see my side